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1. Is it ok to get back to work in 14 days after child birth?

After delivery , you may think that you are ready to jump back into a normal life, but you need to understand that this is a transition phase in your life which will require a lot of adjustments. You now  will accommodate a new member in your family, will have to adjust your sleep pattern, will need to  get plenty of rest to recover. You need  to eat healthy and stay hydrated, you need to stay calm and learn the first prerequisite of good  parenting – that is being patient. Not surprisingly , most obstetricians would recommend a new mom to wait for 6-12 weeks before resuming work as this is the time required for a woman to recover physically and mentally after her journey of pregnancy and childbirth.

Most women also feel comfortable after 6 weeks as by then the post partum bleeding almost stops and the stitches heal too. This holds good irrespective of the mode of delivery that is normal or caesarean.

2. What are the  effects of resuming work early and how does it affect the mental health of a woman?

Returning to work too early can cause extreme fatigue and exhaustion in a new mother. Exhaustion happens due to sleep deprivation and of course because of the entire labor and birthing process. Early return to work could make this worse. It could therefore ,also increase the risk of post partum depression. It can cause problems in bonding with the baby. It could also lead to difficulty in establishing exclusive breastfeeding and it’s often seen that such women very soon end up in starting artificial or formula feeds.

3. Why does post partum recovery vary from person to person?

A woman’s post partum recovery depends on her physical and emotional health during pregnancy. If she’s had a balanced diet and exercised well during pregnancy, had a low risk pregnancy with no or minimal complications her recovery would be faster.

4. What are the precautions to be taken in case work has to be resumed early?

First and foremost , in case you have to get back to work early, talk to your doctor and let her assess your readiness for the same.

In case your employer allows a part time return to work or a part time work from home, go for this option as this will give you more time to settle down with your angel and to be able to adjust your sleep pattern or rather settle down as a working mom.

Ask for help from your family in case you decide to get back to work early.

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